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Antonio Alfano and Patrizia Bussola together with the community psychology lab of Federico II introduce delegates in their photographical experience of monitoring the old centre of Naples, its inhabitants and its changes over the years. Their use of photos and videos is a tool for social advocacy. Their experience is an outstanding opportunity to learn from social practice facing also new forms of communication and interaction created by social media and networks. A practical workshop will be organized.


The royal site of Carditello is a wonderful structure in the countryside between Naples and Caserta, this place was known in the past years as “terra dei fuochi”, an unedifying name for an area with a royal history. The closest municipality is 3 kilometer away, so it didn’t help to safeguard the site, which was vandalized and used almost as a landf ll, despite being a place known by the whole community and where everyone had memories of the site, of its past years and past personal experiences there. Since the 80’s the royal site has experienced a dark period of abandonment and carelessness. In 2008, when nobody cared about Carditello because of its state of abandonment, a group of citizens gave their support, time and resources for the salvation of this beautiful cultural site. Through continuous efforts, maintenance and special openings of the site, which have counted thousands of visitors, full support from nearby inhabitants and a growing national interest, the citizens (who had formed an association named “Agenda 21 for Carditello”) led the whole community and public opinion towards a solution for the Royal Site. Indeed, in 2014 the Ministry of Cultural Heritage bought the site, which in the meantime had ended up at auction. In 2016 a foundation named “Fondazione Real Sito di Carditello”, formed by MIBACT, Regione Campania and Comune di San Tammaro was established. Thereafter the Site was managed in an excellent manner with restoration works, cultural events and the return of the Royal Horse Breed named “Real Razza Governativa di Persano”, in fact today there are about 40 specimens in Carditello. A group of local citizens supported by the Campania region (See Fondazione Carditello) are promoting the sustainable development of the area enhancing activities for youth employment. Special visit will be organized for delegates.


In the port of Naples there is an unused pier about two miles long. The Friends of Molo San Vincenzo (see facebook: friends of molo San Vincenzo; youtube: HASHTAG MOLO SAN VINCENZO: IL MARE RESTITUITO ALLA CITTÀ) want to return the Pier to the city both in its port function and as a public space open to the urban community, promoting dialogue and collaboration between the institutions involved. Their aims are: – to preserve and enhance the San Vincenzo Pier and the other identifiable infrastructures and architectures located in the port of Naples and more generally along the metropolitan coast of Naples; – spread knowledge and awareness of identity and community values based on maritime culture and the sea as a common good in Naples and along the entire metropolitan and regional coast; – promote sustainable regeneration processes of the metropolitan waterfront in the balance of the environmental, psychosocial and economic dimensions; – encourage the participation of the urban and metropolitan community in the processes of sustainable regeneration of the waterfront and coastal strip; – support the public use of the waterfront as a social resource and the access of the urban community to the sea. More see “Heritage walk” in accordance with European Faro Agreement will be organized at the Saint Vincenzo pier.


The San Gennaro Community Foundation ONLUS was created in 2014 in one of the most difficult areas of the city of Naples, called the Sanità district, to support a local network of organisations that for over 10 years have invested time and resources into combating complex issues, such as school drop-out phenomena, youth unemployment, poverty alleviation, social assistance, urban regeneration, heritage preservation etc. FSG acts as a legal container capable of representing the territory, interpreting its needs and supporting its growth in a stable and balanced way. San Gennaro Community Foundation aims to create tools to empower the local players of the community. The main objective is to give them the opportunity to act independently in an intelligent, modern, economically correct and self-sustaining way. The Foundation has identified three main areas of focus that are used to determine the appropriate designation of funding: Human capital, Culture, Innovation.

Human capital: FSG strives to ensure that young members of the community have every opportunity to succeed through effective youth development programs both in and out of school. It supports programs in the areas of education, after-school activities, mentoring, skills development, and job placement that give youth a sense of community, purpose, and self-worth. Preference is given to children from families with difficult backgrounds. The Foundation has undertaken the role of coordinator of the local network of organisations that provide educational services to the community, formalizing the network with a collaboration pact that involves private and public entities joined together by the common goal of accompanying and educating the young generation in becoming responsible citizens.

Culture: The Foundation supports projects that restore, protect, promote, and employ the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of the local community to generate economic growth, job opportunities, and the infrastructural development of the area. The activity of the Foundation is not limited to projects that involve historical and artistic assets, but is also aimed at projects that develop the various components of culture: theatre, music, dance, local crafts etc.

Innovation: The Foundations makes itself a promoter of activities and initiatives that exhibit innovative approaches to solving important community issues such pollution, recycling, sustainable consumption, and urban regeneration.

In brief, it encourages the Care of Beauty, the Culture of giving, Participation and Responsibility, contributing to the social and economic infrastructure of the territory. It foghts against crime, offering youth empowerment and employment projects, activities for urban regeneration, musical band, social initiatives, etc . Tour organized by Fondazione San Gennaro in the Sanità District.

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